On Assignment Studios

Guest Artist: DomCat

OA Creates Center

2860 University Ave.
San Diego, California 92104

DomCat fully expresses himself as a master artist in the world of art glass design and acrylic on canvas paintings. His inspiration to paint came from his grandfather when DomCat was a child living in Germany. DomCat studied painting various art media in Europe including a degree program at the Art Glass College in Bonn, Germany. At age twenty four, he was exposed to the artwork of German artist, George Meistermann, at the Saint Gereon Church in Cologne, Germany. It was that meeting that fueled his desire to immigrate to the United States to pursue his own independent career as an artist. Now, years later, DomCat is masterfully skilled at creating abstract, emotional art. His portfolio includes a rich display of artwork that defies rigid rules and conventional expectations. His multi-media art works range from his acrylic paintings accented with robust colors to his contemporary, religious, stained glass windows that can be seen in scores of churches across America. DomCat perseveres to create new art each day.