On Assignment Studios

Artist: Chris Swabb Photographer

OA Creates Center

2860 University Ave.
San Diego, California 92104

Chris Swabb is a fine art and portrait photographer who works daily on commercial still photography and videography assignments for dozens of On Assignment Studios’ commercial clients located all across America. His fine art landscapes capture a mood and perspective that delves down deep to evoke an emotional connection regardless of location or subject matter. JEMS Communications published Chris’ photos several times in JEMS Magazine including the magazine’s cover photos for its November 2007, February 2008 and April 2008 editions. He is now listed as a contributing photographer for the magazine and the JEMS.com website. Chris’ still photography has been published on numerous websites, and in promotional documents, proposals and brochures. Visiting more than 50 EMS businesses and organizations on both coasts and in-between, Chris is also the director and editor for the video productions he shoots. Chris is credited with editing and composing music for dozens of On Assignment Studios’ broadcast television public service announcements, commercial product informational videos, and marketing videos. Chris’ fine art photos are always on display at the OA Creates Center Gallery/ On Assignment Studios at 2860 University Avenue in North Park.